Sunday, March 8, 2015

The weather is nice.

3 March 2015

The weather is nice. It's kinda hot when we are running around but other than that it's great.

I want to know what trees and birds there are around here, so can you be my internet? :) The tree in question is a full tree, dark bark and kinda blade like leaves.  There is a robin here but doesn't have the same call as an american.

We do email on Tuesday around 2 here. Tuesday is our P-day. We play volleyball about every day for our gym time. The CCM is in a valley so we can't see Popocat├ępetl.

The CCM is so great and pictures don't do it justice. Sundays are the best. 

We are soon to be receiving new missionaries in our zone so that will be fun. 

Our investigator that we taught is now our teacher Hermano Cayetano. He is really cool. We now have two investigators (Hno. Tinoco y Hno. Cayetano) and a limit of a 20 minute lesson. It's hard to teach only 20 minutes. 

Nearly every day there is a fire nearby. I don't know if they are set or natural, but they don't seem to spread.

In Mexico the people celebrate saints and they do so be lighting off fireworks. There is a saint for every day. It's kinda noisy here. Especially with the sirens and other car noises. and parrots.

It's nice how things are cheap here. I will go to the tienda and buy a bunch of stuff for around 3 or 4 dollars. The sweets here aren't as sweet and it's kinda nice.

CCM (or MTC in English)



The District. (Elders: Lightheart, Clark, Willis, Haggard, Te, Inskeep, Tuia, Turner)

​I am the Cuchara Hechicero. I can't tell you what it means to be the hechicero, but if anyone goes to the CCM you may find out.
​Doing Laundry.



JK we have washer/dryers in our casa.

I have been reading Jesus The Christ (by James E. Talmage), and it is excellent. So many things in there that are awesome to think about.

Spiritual Thought: I never thought of it this way before but the Holy Ghost has a body. He has a spiritual body just like us, but is omnipresent and omniscient. In the Godhead there is: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. It is good to know and to remember that we are teaching with a God helping us, directly with us.

Another: For us to be wise we need to allow ourselves to be helped and to ask for help. When we need help our Father in Heaven wants to help.  We just have to come to him and ask.

For future missionaries: bring more Tshirts.  I only have two and I'm sick of them already.  

They give us an allowance of 100 pesos a week. That's enough to buy a shirt. The money doesn't transfer to our mission so we spend it all. :) (getting drinks, snacks, ice cream, etc.)

The Temple isn't open now but will be reopened in September, i think, and that will be an awesome experience because we will probably be there doing something. From the CCM each District gets to go to the visitors center sometime and it will be cool.

I dont know if Connor or Tanner are subscribed to the blog. Could you make sure they are? 

On the blog, can you put Packages will not likely get through if you send them from the US, unless it's private postage (FedEX).  On the missionarypackagemx website you can order things, and they will send it from here in Mexico. (Run by CCM pres' wife.) 

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