Monday, March 30, 2015

Tree Mystery Continues

(Letter from home talked about college decision time for Becca.) 

For prayer to receive answers, Becca can pray and make a choice. If the choice is one that makes her feel peace, it will be the correct decision, but if no answer is given, it just means the Lord trusts her to make the right decision. Or to pray specifically.  Presidente Tinorio shared about that this week or last week.  He said to pray with faith and say that you will do something, and "let it come to pass," that a thing you specify will happen. One example he gave was of an hermana who wanted to know who to marry. She said a prayer to let it come to pass that the one who called at 1:15 and said "I was reading my patriarchal blessing and was thinking of you" would be the one.  And it did happen exactly.  And he also shared many more experiences.

(photos from home trying to identify "the tree")

No, that's not the tree. It's a thick trunk and leaves are shorter.

The letter sent on February 16th arrived at the MTC on March 16.
My stomach is fine.  I got used to it a week or so ago. I'm drinking plenty of water. The rain is nice and there is tons of thunder so it is cool.

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