Friday, March 13, 2015

Week Three, March 10, 2015

We went to the Temple Visitor Center today, and that was pretty cool. The temple isn't as big as I thought it was from the pictures, but it is the biggest temple outside the United States. It's really cool looking, and I'm excited for the rededication.

I don't think I saw any volcanoes on the flight in. Maybe I did, but I didn't recognize it.

Happy Birthday to Ethan and Connor.

On Thursday we went to the immigration office in the Centro (middle of Mexico City where no one lives. There is just offices, malls, shops, etc.)  We were there to make our visas into ministerial visas.  There were statues and things on the streets on the way back and a few of them were: Tepanquetzal (? I dont really remember the name), a monument to Benito Juarez, and there were some ruins right in the middle of the city.

The same day we did TRC which is kinda like just doing the conversation after dinner with missionaries. So we just taught a quick 10 minute lesson with a member from around here.

On Friday we did practice teaching. We do a lot of things with district 8a because they only have two elders. The practice teaching was just one on one and I taught/was taught by Hermana Ogden, who funnily enough is going to Ogden on her mission. It was kinda hard to be an investigator because I had to create a person to be.

Sundays really are the best! We watched a broadcast of Elder Holland, and it was great as he always is. One thing he taught was that we have investigators and we are investigators. We are just farther along the process than they are. So we need to do all the commitments we give: to pray, to read the Book of Mormon, etc. so that we can feel the joy of the spirit as well.

I have been blessed with calmness. Even though there is contention around, I can stay calm. 

I love all the people here at the CCM. All the maestros and staff. The Maestros in our building are all very funny and loving. Silva is very fashionable and entertaining; Polo is really funny and jokes around a lot and good at massages; Cayetano and Tinoco are our teachers and very awesome. And also the people in the comedor and other staff are the same: awesome and funny.

I got a Spanish missionary joke: Que es la diferencia entre una manzana y una novia? 

No es pera! ahahahaha

Whats the SOCKS joke?

The Temple! so Awesome!

​Our District and the Cristo Statue in the Visitors center.
Since the temple is in our mission we met some of the hermanas that serve in the visitors center and the mission office is right next to the temple.

​The visitors center (the middle pane is shattered with two holes) 

​In the visitors center was cool. There was cool church history in Mexico room in the back.

​Repping the West Coast.

​Selfie with 8A. Sorry Elder Inskeep, the hermanas looked better in this one.

​The sick bag I got at the tienda next to the visitors center

​Better pic of the district.

​More of the city. Most of the houses look a lot better up close. It's just that they are all grey or bright that they don't look that way.

The robin sounds right. (Rufous-backed robin) The tree is straight, single trunk, kinda thick, rough dark bark. I am going to get a CCM t-shirt with a aztec medallionish thing on it.  

That's really cool about the OC Fair!  I know that the Lord is blessing you because I´m here. That's awesome.

That looks like a cooper´s hawk.  (Mom sent a photo from the backyard.)

I got the blog post, but I had to confirm my email first and It looked like it was blocked but I guess it worked. I was kinda scared to click the link even though I knew it was ok, just because it was "the internet".

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