Monday, March 30, 2015

He is here and he is happy

We have ten minutes today to explain travel plans or whatever. I am going to be in my actual mission Monday at around 8. Our mission is actually coming to pick us up.  That's how close it is. I'm not sure when my P day will be next, so if you don't get an email Tuesday, I'm not dead; I just have a different P day.

(Today, Ryan left the CCM and reported to the Mexico City East Mission.  The mission president sent this letter and an email that said, "He is here and he is happy.")

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saint Days
Mexico East Mission, Mexico City
March 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Haggard
We want to express our deepest feelings of gratitude to you and at the same time notify that your son, Elder Haggard has arrived in the mission field with good health and a sweet spirit of love and service.

We are on your service and we know that the Lord fill you of blessings for all the work that your son is doing in this great work.
We recommend you for the strenght and health to him, write him by e-mail every week , so it will help him to be in contact with you and your words uncourage him to follow every day working faithfully , we hope these words can be full of optimistical and faith
If in some ocassion you desire to say him some familiar matter, don´t feel you can´t do it, but call to the mission office or mission house but not directly or if he has our permission

President and sister Anaya
Mexico East Mission. Mexico City

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