Friday, April 29, 2016

Zona Vergel April 25, 2016

OK. First week in Casas Aleman. It has been pretty good. The members and  investigators give us food quite a lot. We pretty much have the three meals covered, so I don't have to spend much in food (just in junk that I want).

This week we went to the Visitors Center four times. Once on Wednesday, once on Friday, and twice on Saturday. It is such a blessing to have the Visitors Center so close. We can walk to get there, like 15 minutes walking from our house to the temple. It's great. And even better is that, using the VC is so much cooler to teach investigators. And there are so many things there too. I haven't seen half of the things they have there but I have gone about fifteen times. I want to take a tour of the other VCs someday. 

I'm still getting to know the area but It is amazing to know other people, and it's really amazing how quickly you get to love the people. I only have been here a week, but I really care for the investigators we have here. and I want to help them with their problems.

From last week: ​He left the keys in the apartment, and he had to jump through the window.

Zona Vergel! New faces and old faces too!

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