Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Three Missionaries, Two Wards

This week we have been in trio. It has been interesting for a few reasons. 

1. Our apartment is just big enough for 2 missionaries. That includes a few things. The fridge is just big enough to hold the food for two missionaries, not quite enough for 10 liters of milk, eggs, each person's ham, yogurt, frozen chicken for three people, and the water pitcher.  Then there is the bed situation. Luckily we have three mattresses, and enough space for three mattresses. But we have to crawl over each other's beds to get to ours. There is space for three mattresses but nothing else. 

2. We are working in two areas. That means that we take the metro a lot more, going in between the areas to get to appointments and getting to know other investigators.

1. Elder Cadena, mi compa

2. I decided to draw my gafete.

General Conference was so amazing! I loved hearing all the apostles speaking, especially in the two sessions that I got to see in English. I never thought I would miss the actual voices of the apostles. Listening to their messages are great, but there is nothing like listening to their voices. Hearing the words of God through His Prophets and Apostles is one of the most important things we can do. Have you ever wanted to hear what God would say to you? Listen to His servants. You can read the scriptures and that is an excellent way to listen. But how much better is to listen to what He has to say to you specifically today, in your life, in your work, with your family? I know that God loves you. Yes, you specifically. He knows your name, your needs, your weaknesses, your strengths. And He loves you for each and every one of your imperfections. And He wants you to live with Him again in His presence. Follow Christ and find the mansion He has prepared for you.

I would highly recommend listening to the Conference talks if you did not see them. Here you can see them: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/04?cid=HP_SU_3-4-2016_dPFD_fGC_xLIDyL1-B_&lang=eng 

Another cool thing are these photos: easy ways to share the messages of the apostles. 

You can find them here:

The Church is True, The Book is Blue
Elder Haggard

OH, and for those of you who don't know, my sister is going on a mission! 27 July 2016 Becca is going to the Adriatic South mission! speaking Albanian! Where is the adriatic south mission you might ask? dont worry I asked it too... North of Greece, and to the east of Italy. My sister is going so far away, and going to speak a weird language. Im so proud of her.

What?! Albanian!?  But that's so cool! Europe!  Looks like she's got two or three national languages. Two of the three countries are Cyrillic languages. (Like Russia) but who knows how many languages she'll find. Being in Europe, she´ll be right next to a bunch of other languages.  That's so Cool! still got quite a bit of time though. Enjoy it while you can!

Starting to read the Book of Mormon in my language helped. Even if i didn't understand it, it still helped. In the movie The Other Side of Heaven, that's what he did when he was frustrated with the language. He just sat down and read the Bible in English and Tongan. I would have brought my waterproofing spray can with me. Because now, the waterproofing has worn off, and it's about to be the rainy season again. Bring photos. Speak as much as you can and ENJOY IT!

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