Friday, April 1, 2016

Easter Mouse March 28, 2016

This week has gone well. Now we are getting to where we should be in this area. The past cycles haven´t gone so well. I was trying to open an area without my companion thinking he needed to open it. But now we´ve opened the area. We now have investigators progressing. Finally we had investigators in the church services. And we have a new investigator, that we are going to baptize.  Now we just have to teach him. 😁 Now he has gone to church two times but we haven't taught him yet. (Officially, I mean. We have taught him things in the church) But our President said in the last zone conference, that we should teach our investigators that they shouldn't take the sacrament until they are baptized, then they will have a testimony of the importance of the sacrament. Italo, this investigator, understood this really. And said to me, "When can I take the sacrament, so I can be cleaned?" I responded, "After you get baptized. Which is the purification, then the sacrament is to keep us pure." He then said, "I am going to take the sacrament in three weeks."  I nodded in agreement, and did a celebratory dance in my head.

Recently our ward mission leader bought a cellphone, so he can communicate with us. This has resulted in a few funny things. We are the only ones he has called, so, naturally, we are the first ones on his redial list. There have been a few times when he has butt dialed us. I pick up, and hear the movement of his pocket as he walks, talks, and even one time, he was singing. Really he butt dials us more than he actually calls us.

Funny story time. The other day we were laying in bed, about to go to sleep, then we hear a sound. "Do you hear that?" "Yeah, what is it?" "It sounds like tiny foot steps." I go to check and the sound stops. I return to bed and it starts again. I then get my flashlight. "it sounds like it's coming from the fridge."  I shine the light under the fridge and the sound stops, but I don't see anything. The sound doesn't come back, so I go to bed. In the morning I woke up, and see a shadow streak across the floorboard. Hmm?! I wait a little and call my companion. Then I see him, SQUEAKERS! Cue the manly screams. hmmm mmm I mean... nothing of the sort happened. We spend the next half an hour trying to get him out of the apartment.  At the end of it all, it went under the door to the next apartment. We tried, but now he's not our problem. Woops. He hasn´t returned. 

Happy Easter! I don't know which Sunday was Easter, because everyone is celebrating holy week here. They do reenactments of the last three days of Jesus´ life. It's interesting, but weird, seeing groups of people following a person carrying a cross, yelling at him and stuff. It's irreverent. But it's what they do here.

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