Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Twice Apr 11, 2016

Ummm... This week was cool...  I don't really remember much from it because it went by so fast.  I'm still in trio and it's really quite fun.  Imagine the fun you have had with your companion, but two of them. Twice the companion, twice the fun, two-thirds the space, twice the area, and twice the amount of walking. We are practicing to be in a choir right now, for a special conference we are going to have... with.... (drum roll please) ..  ..  .. Elder Oaks! It's going to be Great! I didn't get the chance to be in the choir in the Provo MTC, because I came to Mexico, but now I get to sing with other people who sing! There are two Elders from each Zone, and some Hermanas too, chosen for their voices, but in our zone, 3. for some error, I was taken off the list, but I went anyway, so they kept us three in the choir. I'm really excited.     

It is quite weird. I have gotten to the "29 years old" mark. That doesn't mean I'm 29 years old, it just means that I have started lying about my age. (Mission age, that is.)  Now when people ask, I just say that I have been on the mission for one year. 

Note for future missionaries: Don't bring non-iron shirts. They are harder to iron. 

El Distrito. The blur in the back is Elder Villanueva.

There he is.

This is what happens when you don't listen to your companion saying, "Turn off the microwave. Your beans are exploding."  *cough cough*​ Elder Cadena

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