Wednesday, January 25, 2017

God is Great, sweets are good, and people are crazy. Jan. 24, 2017

Hey family, and friends.   I'm here in Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world. Sending greetings to all of you in different parts of the world, in a matter of seconds. Isn't the world great? Our president once asked, "who invented facebook?" oh Mark Zuckerburg. no. "God." 😕 umm... but then I thought about it. Ok maybe mark zuckerburg was the one who physically created facebook, as have others physically made the inventions of the TV, CPU, Internet, etc. but God gives inspiration to all men to help us progress. All of the things in the world were created by God. some children asked us the other day, when we were talking about the creation of the world, "How did God create technology?" and I laughed. they have lived their whole lives with high definition screens and touch screens. the USB was created when I was their age. But God inspires men to make his work go forth. Use the technology God created  for us to share your light, let you light so shine...

sometimes as missionaries, people come to us with a bunch of scriptures trying to confuse us, and prove we are wrong. we find in the scriptures that the spirit of contention is not of God. and sometimes it is hard not to fall into contention, but when it happens, we try to leave as soon as we can. This week we had an intersting experience. We are teaching a family of Christians. they are interested and have a lot of really good questions. ; something that happens a lot is that when a family member that is devout to their religion hears that they are listening to us, they "just want to listen to what we have to say" and start to cite all the scriptures they know. We were able to respond all their questions without getting the anxious feeling that you normally get when someone is attacking the Gospel. At first our investigator was leaning to what his mom was saying, because it is their beleifs. but as we explained the reasons why we Do baptisms for the dead/have prophets he understood, and said, "mom, they make sense. I have asked this to many people and they haven`t been able answer my questions sensibly." -Woo!  truely as the scriptures say, "Behold, I will go before you and be your rearward; and I will be in your midst, and you shall not be confounded." (D&C 49:27)

​you know I love my bowling!

​the red pin appeared in the first position three times during my game and I got the strike two of those times! too bad I wont be coming back to Recorcholis... 

​aww... bebecitos güeros (little baby white people) Elder Western and Elder Gaither that have been on the mission 1 and 4 months, respectively.

The Church is True, The Book is Blue
Elder Haggard

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