Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Spirit is the

So this week the sister missionaries baptized one of their investigators.  Harold is really cool and has been really animated to be baptized and everything in the church. Even though he went through quite a few problems, he was baptized this week. There were a lot of things that would have prevented other investigators from being baptized but he worked through it. His Dad put him in a legal program that prevented him from going to church for a while, but he talked with his dad and came to church. Also he dreamed about Cain. We didn't tell him it was Cain, but in his dream he just prayed and he went away. To be baptized he needed the signature of both his parents, and already had it signed by his mom. But his dad is the difficult one. So as the district, we prayed so he could just sign it without questioning. And that's what happened. Go Team God!

And then there was another experience this week. We started to talk with one of our investigators who has problems with drugs, and in this moment, he was talking normal and stuff, but then he started talking intelligently. His eyes were different. At this moment a bunch of noisy things happened, cars passing and stuff like that as he was talking to me. My companion heard what he said but I didn't. My companion said he was throwing big temptation my way. And not like a normal person. It sounded like how Satan would tempt some one, offering power and many things like that.  During this time my companion and I were heavily influenced by the Holy Ghost. We thought many of the same things at the same time.

Sorry mom. But I believe I won again. We are safe and we are fine. This problem will be dealt with.

​Wow. 16 month differ​ence.

You don't know how much I missed banana bread. 

Hey, this guy is really cool.

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