Sunday, September 13, 2015

One cycle, three companions

OK, I might have set a record but I don't know, i dont think so. But yeah I have a new companion. Elder Rosado is on his way to Ciudad Juarez. And I am with Elder Alvarez. [mom comment.  I'm glad the record wasn't being held up for a third time in six months!]

So I have talked about tianguis [open air market], but one of the principle things missionaries buy in tianguis is.... Can you guess? Yes, ties! SO I started my mission with 7 ties.  How many do I have now? 27 and they are almost all really good looking.  And they are really cheap. I have probably spent about 10 dollars worth on ties, for 15 ties. That's right.  Be jealous.

On Thursday, i found a tie that I really liked.  Dang it. I forgot my camera. It's a tie of the periodic table  :{D 

We went to the open house of the temple Saturday and it was really cool. It is a lot bigger than the Newport Beach Temple. There are escalators. Wow! And the thing is the rooms aren't bigger.  There are just more of them. And there is a full scale industrial laundry room. Like 10 foot tall washers. Oh, but it was so cool and there was tons of white and gold. And lots of symbols. Like some of the ones I have described before. But in really cool places in the temple. 

It's interesting the words they use here in English.  They use wow and what but pronounce it with a g at the beginning. And bye and hi, but then there is the occasional person that says "What's up bro?" It's like it's the only phrase they know. (I'm pretty sure it actually is).

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