Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week One!

Oh wow this is crazy! I have been here six days, and so much has happened. It's weird that I'm speaking Spanish somewhat already. I understand a lot more than I know. (I can understand most but not respond well). From how much Spanish I know already, this will be great in six weeks. Oh, the spirit is so strong all the time here. It is so excellent to be here and a great experience. 

  The airport was so huge here in Mexico CIty! It took us a good ten minutes to drive to terminal Two from terminal One. I was the only missionary on my plane here, but I met up with a bunch of other missionaries at terminal Two. I live at Casa 46 here at the CCM (centro de capacitaciĆ³n misioneros) with about 15 elders (title for missionaries) and in my room there are Elders: Te, Inskeep and Willis (my companion). The first few days were stressful, but everyone said that get to Sunday and you'll be fine. And that was completely true, Sunday was the best! In between all the church meetings we were able to do personal study, then there was devotional at the end of the day. 

  The days go by fast, but are very long. There is so much to do and not enough time to do it! We have taught our investigator three times already! In Spanish! The first time, my face was glued to the paper I had written in Spanish, but progressively I have been able to look up more and improvise some. 

  It is so interesting the different birds there are here. There are some finches and others like it here but there are parrots and parakeets as well! If you think crows are noisy, you don't know parrots. They just chatter constantly. 

  In the morning we have gym time and we either play cage soccer or volleyball. I really like to play volleyball in the sand. 

  The food is awesome. I love it. There are taquitos, tamales, tacos for every meal! 

We can only take pictures on Pday so I only have a few.

On the way to the CCM from the airport

Twas a long ride


Volleyball court right outside our casa

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  1. So happy you made it there safely! Love ya.
    -Amber, Paul and Zane